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TOP 3 most asked questions
Last Updated a year ago

1. When is Boris or the x10 XP event coming back ?
We have no scheduled date for the events, they can come back at any time and are announced on social medias and in the News section.

2. Is the transfer to BFA / Shadowlands available and if not do you have a date ?
No, currently no character copies are available for BFA or Shadowlands. As for the answer above, we have no information.

3. My character is stuck/dead and I can't chat with the angel.
Do a character unstucking on the website.
Go on the website in the section "My account" and "Account information". Then click on the "I am stuck !" button and select the realm and character to unstuck. Here is a direct link to this page : HERE.
Note :
- You will have to be logged out of your character in order to process the unstucking.
- The unstucking will teleport your character to his hearthstone.
- If your character was dead, it will be resurected with resurection sickness.

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