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I can't complete my ongoing quest
Last Updated 2 years ago

There are certain procedures that, regardless of the context, can help you fix an issue that you encountered during a quest:

First try to abandon, then resume the quest. Also, if possible, make sure you are not in a group, as this may, in some cases, prevent the script from running properly.

If this doesn't work, quit the quest again, log out, close your client (and your Firestorm launcher if you use it) and go to your client folder: there, delete the folder called "Cache". You can then restart your client, reconnect and try the quest again.

On BFA or Shadowlands, you can also try changing the Warmode (PvP War Mode) in your capital.

If you still want to report your problem, it's up to you! Create an in-game ticket explaining your problem.

To make a request press the Escape key -> Help and then write your problem.

Choose the language EN and wait for a Game Master to take care of you, the delay can vary between a few hours and a few days.

You will need to be logged in often enough to get faster support. It is possible that after sending the request it will show you an error, but the request will be sent, no worries!

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