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Free discord nitro [SCAM]
Last Updated 2 years ago

For a few months links pretending to be free discord, nitro has been sent to you by Private Messages.

These links are malicious and if you click on them you risk having your discord account and data hacked.

Discord nitro is not free and it will never be free. Only Epic Games has offered it for free, and only on their platform.

Under no circumstances will a link get you free discord nitro and these temporary offers are really exceptional.

The second way to protect yourself is to strengthen the security of your discord account via 2FA (2 Factors authentication).

The authenticator will allow you to make your account as secure as possible. To do this, it will generate a unique code every minute that you will have to use to finalize your connection. You will also be able to generate a list of emergency codes (if you lose your phone for example).

The 2-step verification (or 2FA) is extremely important, and we can only advise you to activate it: It is the best protection, and also a good reflex to take to protect your other data.

How to activate it:

Click on "User settings" next to your profile, scroll down and you will have "Pasxtagstartzspan style="color:rgb(192, 80, 77)">sword and authentication" then follow the steps

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