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Damaged application
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Previously, you could simply change a setting and allow any application to run on your Mac. With macOS Sierra, Apple has removed this option from the settings.

In order to solve the Gatekeeper issues on macOS Sierra and unlock images and programs (the image/application is damaged, a message claiming that you can't open the application).

For this reason, you may need to disable Gatekeeper controls completely. To do this you will need to open your terminal and type :

sudo spctl --master-disable

**Enter your password and you're done. Note that there are two dashes before the "master". You may miss this when copying and pasting. So I will leave a screenshot below. I suggest you type the command manually.

To verify that your operation was successful, you need to open the settings and verify that the "any" option is now visible as shown below.


Run World of Warcraft

Undo Gatekeeper settings

To then re-enable Gatekeeper, enter the following command:

sudo spctl --master-enable

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